Daily Packing List

All items brought to camp should be clearly labeled with the camper’s first and last name. 
  • A bag/backpack that can hold all your child’s belongings with name tag.
  • Tennis/gym shoes – to be worn to camp each day.
  • Lunch and drink (except Fridays)
  • Bathing Suit with name
  • Towel with name
  • Plastic bag for wet bathing suit
  • Waterproof Shoes with heel strap (for running during water activities)
  • Flip Flops (if other waterproof shoes are not desired at pool area)
  • Lip Balm – in plastic bag with name.
  • Water Bottle with name
  • Change of clothes to keep at camp in case of an “accident” (3, 4 & 5yr olds).
  • Swim goggles labeled with name
  • Ear Plugs (for those susceptible to “swimmer’s ear”)
NEW THIS YEAR – Counselors will collect sunscreen & bug spray to be kept at camp.
  • Sunscreen – in plastic bag with name.
  • Bug Spray – in plastic bag with name.